Hi, I want to change prestets via PCs. It works if I use the global midi cannel. If I try to use the pad channel setting it works not.
I send midi notes and PCs on channel 1 to a pad for synth lines and midi notes for drum hits on channel 10 to other pads in the BBM. I don‘t want to use the global setting for the keys cannel 1 because if I touch a drum pad it plays the synth line notes… I want to give the synth pad its own key channel 1. The notes in this configuration are played but the PCs change only to the preset which is stored so. If this preset is loaded, there is no way to load an other preset via PCs. The midi notes are coming from my expert sleepers distng4 modul. It plays standard midi files created in ableton.
Is there a way to solve that problem?
Greetings, Thomas