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sample not (always) triggering

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  • sample not (always) triggering

    Hi, can anyone tell me why sometimes samples don't trigger (or at least on my Bitbox Micro). I have some string samples which I have set to 'Sample' and set to Trigger (I've tried Gate too). However, when I run a sequencer to trigger this sample, it doesn't always play, or re-trigger.

    Just for your information I'm using a NerdSeq, so the notes should be pretty tight in terms of triggers and notes.

    Has anyone got any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    are you triggering via MIDI or Gate? Are you asking about bitbox micro? This is not the micro forum. FYI (moved to micro)


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      Whoops sorry, it says Support Bitbox Micro - or am I already reading the moved post?

      Secondly, no it's not via midi it's being gated/triggered via (as I said) a NerdSeq which send pitch voltage and triggers out of its trigger output.


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        I moved it. But Nerdseq does have a midi expander. Not the craziest question. Can you control the cycle of the gate signal?