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    How would you do that?

    I started experimenting with some disco-loops and thought it would be super cool, to have different loops in one pad and to be able to chose wich one is playing.

    So i tried slice mode: I put 4 different Loops into one single .wav file and used the slice points in combination with midi notes to chose wich one is playing.
    That worked, but I ran into sync problems here. I cant seem to have them loop properly and in sync with the incoming midi clock.

    When I use just one Loop per pad in clip mode, all the looping and syncing works like a charm, but I can't swap loops within the pad and use up several pads for that.
    Also when doing this in clip mode, triggering them via touch screen is a bit error prone, when i'm not very exact and one Loop starts playing without the other one stopping
    ...resulting in a bit of a mess

    So yeah, is there something in slice mode that would alow me to have different loops and still have them sync & loop properly?
    and as always: Thanks for any advice on this

    An interesting application of Slicer mode. Did you experiment with Sync settings for Slicers? Were these "loops" the same beatcount?


      Those loops probably don't have the exact same BPM (beeing sampled from old disco records where tempo is shifting anyway throughout the entire songs
      so I'll try to quantize them in Ableton first. I should have done that anyway, thinking about it