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Bitbox Micro CV/Midi Issues on Multisamples and Slices

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    Bitbox Micro CV/Midi Issues on Multisamples and Slices


    sorry, posted it in the wrong forum first..

    I am quite new to the Bitbox Micro and maybe I´m missing something..

    Playing Multisamples doesn´t seem to work. What I do:

    - Use an empty Pad in a Preset
    - Open a Folder, such as SL Video Game Phrases, as described in the manual
    - File > Load All

    One sample is loaded, when I press the keys on my midi keyboard (Keystep) or the Bitbox-Keypad, I can only play the first sample chromatically.
    There´s no difference whether I usw MIDI or CV Inputs for this.

    Tried several Firmware-Versions until v. 223 and 224

    Another problem is that, when I use slices, they are not distributed very precisely across the keyboard range. First Slice: C2, D2, E2. Then second slice: G2, A2 and so on
    MIDI/CV are both affected.

    Would appreciate any helpful idea.

    Best Regards

    This is a bug. Thanks for reporting.

    In order for Load All to properly load a directory that maps from C2 (chromatically), the root note parameter for all samples must be 'None'. The software is not saving/overwriting properly. We will fix this.


      Also, please do not cross-post. Once in the support thread (here) is sufficient.