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Can't remove samples from preset

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  • Can't remove samples from preset

    Hi, I'm having a problem (sometimes) removing samples from a preset I've made.

    To give an example, I made a preset called Sampler, live recorded onto pad 1 a clarinet, which works fine. Next, I decide to rerecord onto that same pad, so I go into BB Micro and select the file and Delete. However, when I return to the preset Sampler pad N°1 is still taken withthe clarinet file, but in name only. There's no file soundfile there, but I cannot record onto that pad as it already taken. If I head back into the BB Micro into the presets, no such file is there, it's empty (which is normal). However, I can no longer access pad N°1 and cannot delete it .

    Can someone help, or maybe there's something that I'm not doing correctly. BTW, this happens very often but not all the time. However, it's very annoying as it means I have to make a whole new preset if I wish to use those pads again.

    Any help welcome.

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    Please always share your firmware version as a number.

    To unload a sample from a pad, touch the tiny waveform icon to the left of the filename and set it to 'New rec'.


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      Okay, it's as simple as that? I tried that and it indeed works, thanks. But what happens when you go to the/a file, select and delete, surely that should work too?

      For the firmware, it's the latest 2.2.3.