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Bug in Keys?

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    Bug in Keys?

    I'm still on 2.1.3, I just got the Micro today.

    I noticed that when a pad is a Clip, loop on, toggle or trigger, and I display Keys, press a few keys on the b/w keyboard, then I go back Hone, the pad no longer displays the sample's progress bar.
    There is only a black bar. The pad keeps playing fine, and I can still use Keys, but the progress bar is gone from every screen. The pad "looks like" is not playing back, on the screen, but I can hear it.

    When I press on the pad to stop it, it doesn't stop the first time. Strange. The progress bar comes back only when I press Stop.

    Am I doing anything incorrectly?

    Stop also seems to reset the root note of the sample, if Keys was set on a different note. Is that expected?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.