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Solution to screen flicker

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    Solution to screen flicker

    Hi there,
    The dreaded screen flicker on lower brightness setttings is driving me up the wall. I have noticed it goes away instantly with the most minute changes to the brightness setting. In the next firmware update I propose the following solution to resolve this:

    * A flicker fix on/off option in settings
    - modulates the brightness parameter by minute amounts over time, at small enough increments to be imperceptable (+/- 0.5%).

    This should fix the issue until whatever is causing the problem can be resolved.

    First, please always share your firmware version - as a number. Depending on your version, you should find the parameter Bright Fine just under Brightness in the Tools menu. Since we use PWM to control the screen brightness, Bright Fine will offset that freq to better handle the flicker at all Brightness levels.


      Hi Steve, latest firmware (2.1.3) I've used the brightness fine control, setting the correct settings at lower brightness levels will still inevitably lead to flickering about 5 minutes after 'tuning it' requiring going back into the settings and playing with the brightness fine control settings very frequently.

      The solution I am proposing should resolve this!

      Honestly the majority of the brightness range (10%-100%) is far far too bright, its like the sun! For those of us playing in venues or darker spaces it is distracting. Unfortunately the usable lower brightness range (5%-10%) is where the flickering occurs. I am sure you have heard this all before however, I do think modulating the Brightness Fine setting by +/- 1% over a 2 minute period would fix this issue.


        I use my Micro at 2%. Bright Fine does work for me. If you are not finding that it is working for you, please contact us directly. We will have some questions and can help you troubleshoot.