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  • Corrupting samples

    Hello, I'm experiencing the corruption of samples. I ran through the forum and didn't find similar topic. Sometimes samples gets corrupted with very loud noisy glitch that is very short - like <100ms. Sometimes it will dissapear and sometimes the only solution is to load the samples again on the mSD card. Not sure how is that possible. I run firmware 2.2.3 but experienced it on version version 1.0.12 as well.
    I use Kingston CANVAS Select Plus 16GB micro SD card that came with Bitbox Micro. Samples are normalized .wav files exported from Ableton Live.
    Here is the pic, you can see 10 glitches at the start of the sample.

    Have a nice day everyone.
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    a few suggestions:

    1. Make sure Warp is not enabled when exporting from Live.
    2. Use 24/48 when exporting.
    3. Upgrade your microSD card. We generally recommend a card that is A1 or better. Personally, I use the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2. 64g for our samplers - 128g and higher for the bluebox.


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      Thank you for reply. I will try the new micro SD card.


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        Here we go again.

        New SD card. Firmware 2.2.3.

        After some use, another glitch appeared.
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          UPDATE: This was not a glitch made by Micro. I analyzed the sample I found out that it was some click in the recording. However, the waveform showed in Micro was much bigger in vertical scale comparing to waveform in ableton live. It looks much different in the DAW.
          It was my mistake. The module is working fine after I changed the card about a half a year ago.
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            Thanks for updating us!