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BUG? MIDI recording: clearing pad does not clear loop end

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    BUG? MIDI recording: clearing pad does not clear loop end

    On 2.2.4:

    I just setup some midi recording. And the pad is set to looping.
    The first recording loops correct. But if i clear the pad (with midi) and record a new loop into it. The loop is not how it should be. It seems the 'loop end' is kept from the first recording.

    Last night I was trying to configure Bitbox Micro to work like a looper (unquantized recordings) and came across this exact problem (I'm on 2.2.3).
    The first recording is fine but all the subsequent recordings on the same pad assume the length of the first recording even though it does record the complete audio.
    So if the first recording is 5 seconds and the second one is 10 seconds, the length value will still be 5 seconds even though it did record the all 10 seconds correctly.
    I also mapped midi controls to Start, Length, Loop Start and End and having the wrong length messes up the usage of these controls.

    Can you please look into this?



      Please provide more details about your pad and record settings.


        Hi Steve,
        I was just now checking the settings and I did an experiment that might help figure out what is the problem.
        So if I clear the PAD with the midi controller, the Start, Lenght and Loop points don't reset to 0 and keep the values of the recording I just deleted.
        But if I clear the PAD through the touch interface (by making a New Rec on that PAD and then exiting that screen) then it resets those values to 0 and any new recording will playback correctly.
        Maybe something in the way the midi clear is implemented?

        Anyway, here are my settings before I make any recording (the relevant ones I believe, let me know if you need any others):

        ***Main Settings:***
        Compressor: ON
        RecToPlay: ON
        RecConfig: Global
        MIDI Pads: Omni
        MIDI Keys: None
        MIDI Rec: ON
        ProgChange: OFF

        ***REC Screen***
        Rec Input: 1/2
        RecToPlay: ON
        Length: Custom
        Rec. Quant: None
        Rec Mon: On
        Mon Output: Out 1/2
        Rec Tresh: OFF

        ***PAD Settings***
        Main, Env, LFO, Config (which can't be accessed until a recording is present) are all default values
        Loop Mode: Forward
        Loop Fade: 0.0%
        Reverse: OFF
        Start, Length, Loopt Start and End are all at 0

        So I'll make a new recording onto a PAD (midi controller triggered)

        After the recording I get:
        Start: 0
        Length: 164750
        Loop Start: 0
        Loop End: 164750

        I then clear the pad (midi) and make a new longer recording
        The values for Start, Length, etc, remain the same even though it captured the longer recording.
        If I clear the PAD (midi) the values stay the same instead of resetting.​
        Screenshots attached.

        Hope this information helps.
        Hopefully the team can get this sorted.

        Other considerations:
        > If I clear (midi) a PAD while it is playing I get a continuous buzzing/glitch sound until I hit play (midi) again on the PAD.
        > Would be nice to set a LOOP FADE value before recording
        > Would also be nice to be able to set the LAUNCH MODE before recording. As of now the Config tab is inacessibale before recording, and I much prefer the Toggle mode for a looping use case.
        > Can RecToPlay also work with custom length recordings? It would be immensely useful.​

        Thank you for your time.

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          Thanks for these details. It makes it easier to identify the issue. I will look into this. RecToPlay only works for lengths that are not Custom. Launch mode is also tied to that.


            Thank you Steve, looking forward to your feedback.
            Would it be possible on a future update to enable RecToPlay on custom lenghts?


            • Steve
              Steve commented
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              That is not likely. Those two are tied together at a deep level.

            • ricardopeixoto
              ricardopeixoto commented
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              Had to ask Thank you.