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setup tips for using mixed Midi and Cv/gate control for chromatic playback

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    setup tips for using mixed Midi and Cv/gate control for chromatic playback

    Hi everybody and regards from denmark,

    new member herr am about to install my new black bitbox micro and would appreciate some thought and tips on how to best use combined midi and CV /Gate control over the 8 pads

    With only an Arturia keystep available, I have limited midi control options for sequencing the bitbox and will be mainly using cv-gate for chromatic sequencing of pads,
    keystep main task is to trigger playback of samples polyphonically via Midi and providing clock.

    the keystep on-board sequencer will be used for 1 pad with a Multi sample via Midi, while i plan to use 3 pairs of inputs for CV /gate control of 3 pads.(chromatic sample playback of one shots and clips)

    This would leave me with 2 gate ins for controlling 2 more Slicer pads (if using Midi for clock sync) , where i understand i can use the sequence mode to advance slices sequentially via triggers- without needing additional pitch CV in to route next slice of loop :-) Love that there is a random slice trigger mode too, which will be one of the first things i will explore after the basics

    Did i understand correctly that i can have separate Midi note control for each pad as long as they have their own Midi channel? i got a bit confused wit the global Midi note triggering of pads versus chromatic playing each cell via midi and would appreciate any tip son how to avoid conflicts when utilizing midi and CV/Gate at the same time.

    Looking forward to explore the bitbox and what it can add to my rack and music.

    You can mix and match MIDI and CV. Start with this video for MIDI implementation.


      thx for the info. 1 week in i definitely feel that i need to upgrade my Midi controller. CV and gate sequencing work fine for drum machine applications and simple triggering, but Midi is just much more convenient. For now i route Midi Notes from my DAW for the Multi sample pads. Any Midi sequencer for the Eurorack you can recommend a a partner in crime for the bitbox .. SEquence length needs to be able to be at least 4 bars.

      Couple of feature requests /feedback:
      -basic editing of recorded samples : A snap to zero-crossing function would be very helpful when adjusting start, -end and most of all Loop points

      -When excluding a pad from the Master track by assigning to different output , i would expect the pad's output to be removed from the main out, which doesn't seem to happen. this is very irritating.
      As a workaround i stopped using the out 7+8 completely and route to the other outputs that work as expected.

      -The playback head indicating current sample position seems to work sometimes, but at other times there is now playback pointer visible during playback, no matter the zoom level. Is this a known issue?