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Clock doesn't stop?

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  • Clock doesn't stop?

    Something odd happened with my Micro. I was triggering drum sounds via a Beatstep Pro midi connection and all of a sudden all of the pads lit up and the sound cut out. Since then I don't seem to be able to get any audio out of the unit.

    Everything 'seems' to be working fine, screen, buttons and menu are responsive however there is just no audio coming out of any jacks. Weirdly, the clock in the top left seems to continuously tick on, pressing stop doesn't stop it. Using an external midi trigger doesn't stop it. Not sure if this was happening before but it seems weird.

    I've tried refreshing to 2.2.3 firmware and also just tried the 2.2.4 in case that may have resolved it.

    Any ideas?

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    The internal clock keeps ticking forever - this is normal. It will restart tho, when it receives a clock.

    Did this problem persist after a power cycle? Try a different preset?


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      Midi clock from the Beatstep Pro does not reset the clock. The problem persists after a power cycle and regardless of the selected preset.

      Edit: I lie. The clock DOES restart when it receives a clock from the Beatstep Pro. I just verified. I think I expected it to *stop* when the clock stopped. Thanks for the tip!

      Ok so next issue, why no audio from any outputs? I checked the mutes section just to make sure it wasn't something simple. No pads were muted.


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        This issue is best addressed by contacting us directly.


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          Uh oh.. [ominous noise]


          • Steve
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            Editing a comment
            It should not indicate seriousness. This forum is a community and there are lots of knowledgeable people here. But it is not our primary support channel. Contacting us directly will always be better for you in situations like this.

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          Don't worry, I'm only kidding. I'm so new to this platform I think there will be quite a few moments where I think something is "broken/wrong" and I just need someone more knowledgable than myself to point out I'm doing it wrong! I've opened a ticket in the meantime.