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CV to play through multisamples

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    CV to play through multisamples


    I am currently trying to play a pad with multisamples on it by using CV from my Arturia Beatstep Pro (ABSP) but it isn't working.

    I loaded all files onto a pad and changed the input of the same pad in the tools menu to CV but I don't hear anything. When using the keys inside the bitbox it works and I am also able to control the pitch of another module with my ABSP, so that is not the issue.

    I am using firmware version 2.2.3

    Now I'm wondering if it is even possible to play multisamples with CV or if it's only there for the purpose of controlling for example the position in slice mode (as explained in another thread inside this forum).

    Did somebody run into the same problem?

    Kind regards!,
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    Set the associated pad to GATE in order to trigger the multisample pad. Then connect your CV to another input, assign that input to CV, and map that input to Pitch in the Main settings. You will need to send a Gate signal to trigger - and a CV signal to change Pitch.


      awesome, it works. thank you so much for the quick reply!!