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Support (?): Beta 2.2.4 still bitcrushing

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    Support (?): Beta 2.2.4 still bitcrushing

    Hi - I do not know where Support comments are to go now with the new forum format.

    I have been using Beta 2.2.4 for a bit.
    I am still receiving that 'bitcrush' on samples after the device has been on, running, and in use for awhile, and then left to rest for a bit (while I cleared my head in between bouts of playing).

    Please tell us more. What is playing on the device? What is connected when this happens? Are you using MIDI? What are your card specs?


      Thank you for the response.

      What is playing on the device are 24bit/48kHz samples, 4 mono, and 3 stereo, one pad unused. I am not sure if this is salient, but 4 pads are set to a GLobal Pad Channel (14), and the other 3 pads are played chromatically on different channels (1,2, &3)
      This happens irrespective of where the MIDI data is originating hardware wise, as it happens with a Squarp Pyramid or either of 2 laptops, one running Ableton 9, the other Sonar X1. It also is evident by touching the Pad on the screen.

      I have changed around whether Reverb or Delay is used and I believe the issue has existed when neither is being used.
      Some of the samples have Pad level volume adjustments, some do not.
      I believe the issue happens with all samples, irrespective of whether Pad parameters are default or modified. I can check/test this if you think this is a possibilty.

      I have not tested as to how long it takes for the 'bitcrushiness'/distortion to happen, but will happily document periods of time of non-play if that is a possible path of enquiry.
      I am definitely using MIDI, although I am running MIDI THRU a Rample - can test this outside the Rample (will try that tomorrow, 11Mar) with a direct MIDI connection. I am not super comfy in CV world as my only modular items are BBX, Rample, FXAid, and then a couple of mixers.

      I realised my MIDI path is not direct. I will change it to a direct data path for testing 11Mar. However, it is currently going thru:
      Hardware sequencer or computer sequencer -> MIDI Patch bay -> BomeBox -> Kenton Thru -> Rample Thru
      I think I am a bit familiar with MIDI and have been using this setup with my other gear for several years

      Card is a SanDisk Extreme 64gb

      It is actually more like a bit of distortion rather than bitcrushing.

      I am using different outputs, one mono gets mixed with Rample outputs, one stereo pair heads through the FXAid, one stereo pair 1 & 2 with the Delay & Reverb returns gets mixed in with the FXAid output. Because of the piece I have been working on, the distortion/bitcrush is most obvious on a mono sample that occurs when other instruments drop out, which is one of the mono ones being mixed with Rample via MakeNoise XOH (mixer).

      Apologies I was not clearer initially. I was under the impression this was a 'known issue'.
      Since it is not, I am now curious if I can duplicate it based on absolute time that the device is powered, or if it is a certain interval of non use. It does not "feel" like a data corruption thing, but I have other SD Cards I can test if you would prefer.


        I have the same issue. After switching on my System everything is fine. BBM gets really warm after a while... one hour or something later - bitcrushing. Maybe a temperature problem? On the other hand - whith the former firmware I had no problems with bitcruching. I don't want to downgrade the firmware, because the output routing was not really usabel for me. Now it is, but... unwantet bitcrush on stage is a killer.


          Downgrading would be problematic for myself, also.

          Curiously enough: I do not notice the device becoming excessively warm in my setup. I would be surprised if heat were the indicative factor, but then again I am not terribly bright.

          But it is just about 1 hour I think, whether I am playing off and on, or not. I am honestly not sure how much of the bitbox I am using in the course of an hour as I have other devices and tend to work on songwriting/arranging rahter than specifically modulating a single device (read: so I do not know how much I am using the bitbox during that one hour).


            We are looking at this. The bitbox does tend to run warm. That should not be the cause of this issue. Thanks for your patience. Are you using a silver or black faceplate micro? Can you share the serial number? Use a private message to me if you want.