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Support (?): Beta 2.2.4 still bitcrushing

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  • Steve
    We are looking at this. The bitbox does tend to run warm. That should not be the cause of this issue. Thanks for your patience. Are you using a silver or black faceplate micro? Can you share the serial number? Use a private message to me if you want.

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  • Satans Squidnipple
    Downgrading would be problematic for myself, also.

    Curiously enough: I do not notice the device becoming excessively warm in my setup. I would be surprised if heat were the indicative factor, but then again I am not terribly bright.

    But it is just about 1 hour I think, whether I am playing off and on, or not. I am honestly not sure how much of the bitbox I am using in the course of an hour as I have other devices and tend to work on songwriting/arranging rahter than specifically modulating a single device (read: so I do not know how much I am using the bitbox during that one hour).

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  • Herr Blum
    I have the same issue. After switching on my System everything is fine. BBM gets really warm after a while... one hour or something later - bitcrushing. Maybe a temperature problem? On the other hand - whith the former firmware I had no problems with bitcruching. I don't want to downgrade the firmware, because the output routing was not really usabel for me. Now it is, but... unwantet bitcrush on stage is a killer.

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  • Satans Squidnipple
    Thank you for the response.

    What is playing on the device are 24bit/48kHz samples, 4 mono, and 3 stereo, one pad unused. I am not sure if this is salient, but 4 pads are set to a GLobal Pad Channel (14), and the other 3 pads are played chromatically on different channels (1,2, &3)
    This happens irrespective of where the MIDI data is originating hardware wise, as it happens with a Squarp Pyramid or either of 2 laptops, one running Ableton 9, the other Sonar X1. It also is evident by touching the Pad on the screen.

    I have changed around whether Reverb or Delay is used and I believe the issue has existed when neither is being used.
    Some of the samples have Pad level volume adjustments, some do not.
    I believe the issue happens with all samples, irrespective of whether Pad parameters are default or modified. I can check/test this if you think this is a possibilty.

    I have not tested as to how long it takes for the 'bitcrushiness'/distortion to happen, but will happily document periods of time of non-play if that is a possible path of enquiry.
    I am definitely using MIDI, although I am running MIDI THRU a Rample - can test this outside the Rample (will try that tomorrow, 11Mar) with a direct MIDI connection. I am not super comfy in CV world as my only modular items are BBX, Rample, FXAid, and then a couple of mixers.

    I realised my MIDI path is not direct. I will change it to a direct data path for testing 11Mar. However, it is currently going thru:
    Hardware sequencer or computer sequencer -> MIDI Patch bay -> BomeBox -> Kenton Thru -> Rample Thru
    I think I am a bit familiar with MIDI and have been using this setup with my other gear for several years

    Card is a SanDisk Extreme 64gb

    It is actually more like a bit of distortion rather than bitcrushing.

    I am using different outputs, one mono gets mixed with Rample outputs, one stereo pair heads through the FXAid, one stereo pair 1 & 2 with the Delay & Reverb returns gets mixed in with the FXAid output. Because of the piece I have been working on, the distortion/bitcrush is most obvious on a mono sample that occurs when other instruments drop out, which is one of the mono ones being mixed with Rample via MakeNoise XOH (mixer).

    Apologies I was not clearer initially. I was under the impression this was a 'known issue'.
    Since it is not, I am now curious if I can duplicate it based on absolute time that the device is powered, or if it is a certain interval of non use. It does not "feel" like a data corruption thing, but I have other SD Cards I can test if you would prefer.

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  • Steve
    Please tell us more. What is playing on the device? What is connected when this happens? Are you using MIDI? What are your card specs?

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  • Support (?): Beta 2.2.4 still bitcrushing

    Hi - I do not know where Support comments are to go now with the new forum format.

    I have been using Beta 2.2.4 for a bit.
    I am still receiving that 'bitcrush' on samples after the device has been on, running, and in use for awhile, and then left to rest for a bit (while I cleared my head in between bouts of playing).