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MIDI control over mixer

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  • g.r.u.m
    Originally posted by send_help
    Does this exist?
    No, it doesn't exist - It's in the Wishlist so add your 'Like' and hopefully 1010 will consider adding the feature!
    It would be great to be able to control the volume, panning and mutes using a MIDI controller such as the Korg nanokontrol2. Ideally this would be a global setting with preassigned CCs (or a learn option) so once the controller was set up, it would work for all presets.

    Satans Squidnipple​ is describing the modulation of the Level and Pan values, not MIDI control of the mixer. Modulation will only increase volume when 'Amount %' is positive and reduced volume when negative. Similarly modulating Pan will pan right when 'Amount %' is positive and left negative - not much use for mixing.

    MVOL (CC07) and MPAN (CC10) sent to the Keys MIDI channel do control the full volume and panning range but only affect the currently selected pad - which is a bit clumsy for live mixing as you need to interact with both the bitbox screen and your MIDI controller

    What we really need is MIDI control of the Mixer screen (page 64 of the v2.1.1 manual)with different MIDI CCs assignable to each of the level, pan and mute values.

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  • Satans Squidnipple
    [erroneous info]
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  • send_help
    started a topic MIDI control over mixer

    MIDI control over mixer

    Does this exist?
    Can't seem to find this in manual.
    Also i don't read so good so it could be there.