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Multisample from Ableton -not working as expected

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  • Multisample from Ableton -not working as expected


    I just recently bought a Micro so am still very much a noob, but I'm having a couple of problems that are driving m,e crazy.

    First, I have multisampled (several times now) the grand piano from Ableton. This last time I sampled from C2 to G9 I think, so a good range of the piano, I also sampled 8 velocity layers. But:

    1. When I play from either of my two MIDI keyboards, the velocity sensing doesnt work. It has no nuance at all and occasionally emits a high squeak. I tried turning the VEL down to zero and the problem virtually goes away (although i now have no velocity) but not competely
    2. The range doesnt seem to map to the keyboard as expected. C4 on the keyboard seems to be playing at around C2, very low. How to map it properly?
    3. Possibly related to 2. the piano samples just dont sound right. The lower ones sound OK, but the higher ones sound almost like a banjo, as if the whole multisample thing didnt work and its pitch-shifting it or something?

    I'd be very grateful for some help - thanks.

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    If I remember correctly the Micro as a limit of 64 samples per pad, so just the first velocity layer you multi-sampled is bigger than that.
    That's why you get the banjo like sounds, because it's pitch shifting the closest sample it has.
    Check the manual, the limit is mentioned there somewhere.


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      Bitbox Micro (per pad polyphony) = Mono, 2, 4, 6, 8, X
      *You can reliably play 32 voices across all pads simultaneously.
      80 total samples per project, 64 per pad



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        Ah OK that makes sense I think. Let me try adjusting that. Thank you for your help


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          Originally posted by warth0g
          Ah OK that makes sense I think. Let me try adjusting that. Thank you for your help
          I'm finding out that recording mono helps, but i'm having trouble using more than 1 multi sampled pad because of file naming I believe? I'm not really sure yet, but it does seem limited more than I thought