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  • Not loading all samples

    Hi, My second post of the day as I try and get to grips with my new purchase. Using an editor on my PC, I created a new folder and put about 30 drum samples on the Micro SD card. When I put the card back into the Bitbox, I can navigate to the folder but there are issues:

    1. Only about a third of the samples are visible even though I know they are on the card
    2. I cant reliably autoplay the samples that ARE there to audition them. I have selected Play, as per manual, but it usually wont play them when you scroll through. It did once or twice, but not most of the time.

    Please help!

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    What format are your samples? Are they all .wav?


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      Yes they are all Wav files. In fact they’re all from the same sample pack.


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        warth0g please share your firmware version as a number. Next, consider sharing the directory in question.


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          Thank you. FW version is 2 2 9. What do you mean by "sharing the directory"?


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            Originally posted by warth0g
            When I put the card back into the Bitbox, I can navigate to the folder

            Please help!
            The directory (folder) you are referring to here. It can sometimes help if we can look at the files that are not loading properly.


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              hi Steve I copied the directory of samples to an icloud drive, hopefully you can access this?

              Really appreciate your help, thank you


              • Steve
                Steve commented
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                maybe try dropbox or google drive?

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              Don't forget to make sure the sd card is healthy, SD Card Formatter can help. You can also try the alternate SD Mode under the Tools menu.