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  • Varispeed pitch mode

    Been loving the Micro and all its modes so far but was surprised to see that it doesn't have a way to change the pitch relative to the playback speed like a tape deck or record player does. Could this be added in? My modular workflow is to trigger entire songs in addition to using drum samples and sliced loops while changing BPM on the fly, so this would help tremendously.

    For each pad, I'd imagine you'd have a setting like "pitch mode", which would have "Standard" (Bitbox Micro standard behavior) or "Varispeed" parameters. Selecting Varispeed would disable manual pitch control and pitch of the sample would instead be determined by the clock speed and the total number of beats the sample contains. So if you were to play a 4 beat 140 BPM clip it'd play ~0.85x speed @ 120BPM or ~1.21x @ 170BPM.

    On the topic of total number of beats per sample- can this limit be increased from 512 to a much larger number? @ 120BPM, the 512 beat limit means there's only about 4.2 minutes of beat sync-able playback time, and some tracks I use can be upwards of 10-20 minutes.

    Disting does this in its I2 mode: but it'd be more amazing to pair this up with the playback modes available in Bitbox Micro.

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    Sample Mode is where you can play back samples at various pitches with very fine control. Yes, it does lack the sync features of clip mode. Please give it a try.


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      Fine pitch shifting is there in all the modes, yes. I wasn't asking about that but realized what I wrote was confusing- sorry, let me rephrase.

      What I'm asking for is a clockable parameter where the pitch of a sample is tied to the clock speed. That is what I originally meant by "varispeed", which was the wrong use of the term. My apologies.

      There are a few benefits to this vs using Clip mode.

      For example, if I was playing a loop at a fast BPM and wanted to change the mood of my set on the fly I could just lower my master clock, which would pitch down the sample accordingly AND play in perfect time at the new BPM. Although the pitch will change there are no choppy artifacts like in Clip mode when changing BPM by a significant amount. This is incredibly useful for drum breaks or techno where the pitch or key of the sample doesn't really matter.

      You only have to define how many beats would be in each sample. The entire length of the sample would then be stretched to fit the defined number of beats and is scaled by the clock speed. That's it. I imagine this parameter could probably be applied to all playback modes which would be amazing!


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        Thanks for clarifying. We have heard this request before and it is a good idea. The real question is where it ends up on the priority list.