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Bitrate and Samplerate reduction

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  • Bitrate and Samplerate reduction

    I posted this on the general bitbox board but since the micro has its own forum now:

    It would be incredibly nice to have options to reduce bit- and sample-rate for lofi sounds. It is such a cool creative tool and I don't think it would be too demanding CPU wise.

    Thank you!

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    Seconded. Everyone likes sample rate reduction


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      I like too


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        I feel like the Bitbox should be able to do everything the Akai S3000XL that I owned in 2001 could do, and more.


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          Haha +1 agreed.

          That's one of my pet peeves is the A/D converters sound "too good" for certain applications. It makes layering samples and FX sound great and you can actually mix ITB. But there's something magic that happens when you sample vinyl or whatever through those old AKAI samplers, MPC's, especially the earlier 12bit ones. The converters don't sound super HiFi - they make samples punch and bite in a way they didn't going in.

          I know it won't sound the same but, I wonder if its possible to emulate this by enabling sampling or playback at lower sample/bit rates. I'd love on-board bit reduction/destruction features, but I mostly just want to tweak the converters when recording, if that's possible.

          This being said, I have been approaching Bitbox as a completely different beast to old MIDI samplers. In those days it was about more memory and processing power, more velocity layers, more fidelity, a more "powerful instrument," so you can use more of your ginormous library. Integrating MIDI and CV modulation was not even on the radar, and it changes everything. The touchscreen is a playable surface. Multiple targets and destinations makes the old workflow of single value CC's seem 2D and boring. I like that I don't HAVE to use midi with Bitbox. I'm basically happy with splitting the difference between "powerful instrument" and "happy accident machine."


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            that can be modulated as well


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              To emulate the sound of old samplers it would need to emulate the sample playback algorithms, not just the sample rate and bit depth. For example, some 80's samplers change playback rate by simply skipping or repeating samples, which introduces crazy aliasing. I think that Assimi8or does something like that in lo-fi settings