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A few useful looping requests

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  • A few useful looping requests

    Hey are are some requests to help the looping crowd:

    1. Please make it possible to start and stop recording via midi/cv. So you could e.g. use a footswitch or a button and don't have to sit super close to the module for precise control.

    2. This might be a technical limitation but it would be insanely useful to make the RecToPlay function also available for custom recording lengths. This would make a more free, ambient style of looping way easier.

    3. Please add a function to make loop start and end points snap to the general sample start and end values. Sometimes you want precise control over both, but sometimes you just want them to be exactly the same without too much effort.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Thanks for the requests!


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      Yes, agreed. Midi/CV control over Recording start/stop. Also, please allow saved pad record parameters to remain as default when a recording is deleted.


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        Please add a pad/sound setting/preset to save, so we can save and load sound/preset per pad with all setting (sample, enveloppe, filter, ....)