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  • MIDI Thru

    The midi out is a very good feature on bitbox Micro ( actually this is number 1 reason I will buy micro instead of MK2 as I want to add some piano on my rack and therefore want to multi sample a bunch) the second reason being the 8 outputs ( I should say 6 as the mix ones are useless )
    BUT I was also hoping to use that jack as a midi thru to connect both my current bitbox MK1 and my new micro together via midi, so I would really appreciate to use the jack as a midi thru while I'm not sampling

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    This would be really useful. I wanted to chain the Bitbox to a Mutant Brain so I can get gates and triggers out for the midi being sent to the bitbox.


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      I too would find Midi Thru really useful. Here's hoping.

      And also the ability to configure the outputs so things like 7&8 are not forced to be mix outputs... I say this since because Bitbox can send CV out - all these extra outs could be used in so many ways.


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        midi out as midi thru would be amazing!!
        its only use is multisampling rn - which is also amazing, but midi thru would be such an expansive addition!!

        whether using it to sync with other midi units, or to stack sounds i think it would be really usefull.

        alsoo just wanted to say that the last firmware update was great, and i love y'all


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          Agreee, this would make total sense, or at least it would be nice to configure it (or one of the other outputs) as clock out to sync more stuff after it.


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            a little trick for you guys - you can in most cases use a headphone splitter/doubler adapter for splitting trs midi signals