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  • Preset per sound

    It could be great to have presets for sounds, not only a global one

    with all setting for the sound, Sample, Env, Filter, Loop mode, ....

    Like on elektron machine or Erica drum sample

    So we can load and change the different sounds while live Jaming

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    Sometime when I change a sound in live, I lose the configuration of the loop setting.

    Loading a sound preset with all the settings for one of the 8 slot could be great.


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      +1 on this. I suppose the workaround is to curate folders of waves with data for root notes etc and use Auto-load, but like @cedrektrk said, this doesn't work that well when you've fine tuned settings to use a pad as a MIDI instrument. A template could save time there too, but what if you want to load 2 such instruments? You'd have to make at least one again from scratch. A lower level save would be a time saver when incorporating a previously used "Pad Instrument" into a new preset.

      I'd also like to save my frequently drum sounds with pitch, filter, etc, and modulation settings intact, making it easier to build drum kits on the fly without having to menu dive beyond the load screen.

      "Save Pad" is something I would exploit heavily if it was available.



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        No news about this from the developper ?


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          +1...! This would be very helpful