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Gate+CV Polyphony

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  • Gate+CV Polyphony

    For future reference, could this be made more clear in the manual? I was really excited about this feature and I'm pretty bummed that it's not available. Polyphonic sample playback is pretty rare and was basically the sole reason I grabbed Bitbox Micro over anything else.

    Is there any hope to see this in a future software update? The poly playback is already there, as is the ability to trigger samples via CV and gate. I'd be 100% happy if it were even just trigger-only, play the full length of the sample per trig, with no slides or repitches or anything. Mutable Rings has a similar way to turn a single v/o sequence into polyphony.

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    This is a great topic for the wish list thread. That is where we look first when making these decisions. (I will move this to the micro wishlist thread)


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      Wait, can't we just copy/paste something into new cells, set those to be monophonic and respond to pitch CV?


      • Steve
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        that will work if you split your incoming gate signal as the gate to pad connection is 1:1

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      After seeing the Bitbox being played polyphonically through MIDI, I was also expecting CV/gate sample playback to have a polyphonic option. I read the whole manual then found @indoninjah's thread which answers my question. Love the Bitbox so far, but I'm also super bummed that this isn't possible as it seems the module has the capacity for it.

      What I was hoping for was polyphony a-la Rings, ie being able to set the sample to "Trigger" and let the notes rings out over one another. There could be a setting for selecting the maximum number of voices available. CV over pitch would only affect the "next" voice, enabling chords to be built up.

      This would be such a killer feature, I hope you consider it for future firmware revisions!