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Multi-Sample Looping

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  • Multi-Sample Looping

    To quote the manual:

    Because a multi-sample pad uses multiple samples, it is not possible to set start, length, loop start or loop end points for these pads. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to enable looping for these pads either.
    Lots of samplers allow you to loop multi sample sounds. Not being able to limits the usefulness of multi-samples from my perspective.

    Here's an example use case:

    I have a folder of very short Vox Continental samples that I want to play polyphonically. When I load them into the Bitbox all notes cut out at the end of the sample (which is after about 0.5secs in this example). When I used these in an MPC I could set loop points and get lovely sustaining pads. Yes it can be a pain setting up loop points if you have a lot of samples but the end result is usually worth it.

    The only way to work around this is to set up the samples on another sampler that can handle the loop points and then resample but use really long sample times that cover the longest you'll ever want to sustain the pad... tbh that is more of a pain in the arse than configuring a few loop points.

    Any chance of this being implemented? Please and thanks