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simultaeneously record more than 2 audio inputs?

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  • simultaeneously record more than 2 audio inputs?

    I would love to see the sampling inputs make full usage of the many inputs the micro boasts, curently it only allows you to sample live from 2 mono inputs, but if one could record 4, 6, or 8 inputs at the same time, the micro could act like a multi-track recorder - could replace a digital 4-track (especially with the varispeed idea someone proposed - where changing the master tempo would change the individual samples speed as well..

    i'd say apart from that, just opening up to 4 simultaeneous tracks for recording would open many doors... Thank you!

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    The ability to enable more than 2 inputs to be permanently on opens up the Bitbox as a simple mixer - really useful in smaller systems (where the Micro probably lives)