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Trigger more than 1 Pad at a time

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  • Trigger more than 1 Pad at a time

    I really like the micro - but the one thing it suffers from (by no fault of it's own) is a limited number of inputs and pads. Often, inputs will use a Pad to process CV. That essentially renders that Pad in the grid useless except for manual triggering.

    It would be great if a Pad can additionally trigger another Pad from the grid. Even better if you can trigger multiple Pads (all 8 even). This would make the most of all the available sample Pads and a allow for thicker/layered sounds.

    Eg: 2 synth tones on slots 1 & 2 could be BOTH be triggered by a trigger/gate on slot 1 and pitch modulated via CV on slot 2. This squeezes the maximum amount of potential sound out of the box.


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    Edit - I realize this can be done via Midi In - but it would be good for those using CV/Gates.