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Loop Length instead of Loop End

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  • Loop Length instead of Loop End

    Back in April, I had bought a Blackbox, liked it very much, but had to return it due to financial uncertainty, etc. One feature I wished it had was being able to set a loop length instead of loop end. I had posted this wish in the forums but it hadn't resonated much then. So here I am again, this time as a Bitbox Micro user. Would it be possible to somehow have loop length as a parameter?

    As it is, if I modulate loop start and length with CVs, loop end can end up being before loop start and playback stops.
    If loop length were a feature, modulating playback points would be much more fun. Modulate loop start and loop length with different LFOs. Lovely.
    Loop length would also allow some weird timestreching. Set loop length very short and send an erratic CV to loop start.

    and many more possibilities. With loop end, you don't have much to work with.

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    +1 on this

    A fixed loop length and a modulated loop start would make much easier to produce wavetable and granular-like sounds


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      +1 Yes please!


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        +1 too!!! The top would be to have the choice between loop end or loop lenght but if only one had to be chosen I think loop length is more useful that loop end.