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  • Some Sample Feature Requests...

    First, it would be great if there were some sort of encoder acceleration in the sample edit menu. Trying to dial in the end of a loop point on a long sample is an exercise in futility. I get that the start/end/loop start/loop endpoints are faster when viewing the waveform, BUT loop end/start are not available there in granular mode.

    Second, I'd kill for better looping behavior, especially when in granular mode. What I want to achieve is to have a sample at 0% speed, and be able to scrub through the sample. Something like a "playhead" parameter.

    Third, perhaps instead of (or as well as) Reverse, it would be helpful to have the Granular speed also go in reverse. Negative values would immediately start playing the sample in reverse from the moment speed crosses zero.

    Even for regular sample looping, it should be easier to drag the two loop points around in the sample and have them jump to those positions immediately. Currently, if you have a short loop, and assign the loop start and end to the same CV, the two will move together, BUT if you slide them forward in time, the sample plays though until it reaches the new loop position. And it you move the loop points back in time, it will play through in reverse to the new loop points but the sound gets much louder.
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