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Enable Rec option with external gate

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  • Enable Rec option with external gate

    HI, first I would like to thank you for the great job you did !
    It is such an ace module !

    My humble request, i don't know if it would be possible due to the module architecture would be :
    Having an option to enable Rec with an external gate.
    like setting IN 1 (for i.e) on gate, and then having an option on the rec menu , like after "custom" , with a setting like EXT 1/2/3/...8
    to achieve with external gate, like a footswtich set on latch like on a regular loop pedal, rec option.... with still the quantization option , most of all for guitar takes or whatever else ....
    it would free the hands with like the option on quantization set on 4 bars , "gate" it on ( ahahahah), be super relax and prepared , and then at the end of looping press again and having the fresh new loop playing !
    magic !
    I know tons of pedals loops already exist, but few with decent midi clock ... it would be so amazing !

    do you think it is possible ?

    Again thank you very much for everything


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    agreed I was looking for this option and surprised that you cannot externally trigger a recording of a sample Steve sorry this is what I meant to say.. so triggering the ability to record a sample from a gate...
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    • Steve
      Steve commented
      Editing a comment
      Do you mean from the outside? Or the Micro triggering another module/sample?

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    You mean triggering the rec option ?
    "nd surprised that you cannot externally trigger a sample"
    because this , is the purpose of the module, and of of course you can , but you know that i assume


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      i meant i am surprised you cannot trigger a recording of a sample sorry


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        I have been using the rec threshold to record into the bitbox but if I could trigger a recording using a gate from one of the inputs this would enable me to use it like a looper etc and just really open the number of ways to use it ..


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          Please implement this. I am looking to send rec signal via midi and gate would be useful also. It would also be nice to stop the recording via midi and gate also. Would love these features per pad so you could remotely trigger 8 loops. I am using loop length to set loop duration, but would love to send that info from a sequencer for hands free recording. Had a conversation with sales before I ordered and they seemed to suggest this was possible. Please consider for the next firmware.


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            If the bitbox micro could be opened up to trigger record on receipt of gate it would be a game changer especially with the already implemented length function etc.. as we could start using it in more creative ways.. for example this video shows the squid salmple being used as a delay.. would be fun and open up the bitbox range to be able to use in more non-standard ways and really explore more in-depth eurorack use.. thanks


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              would be amazing +1 for this!


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                Would love to see this implemented as well as to be able to start recording / then playback with a midi cc!