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Wishlist: Reconfigurable Inputs

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  • Wishlist: Reconfigurable Inputs

    Already does this!
    Last edited by spacelordmother; 11-03-2020, 09:07 AM. Reason: I was wrong and bitbox micro is awesome.

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    I'm scratching my head around this: are the input triggers also reconfigurable? In other words: can I have input trigger on input number 5 for an arbitrary pad, for example pad 4? I couldn't find a way of setting this


    • Steve
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      Inputs are a 1:1 mapping. Input 1 to Pad 1, etc.

    • frablum
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      Thank you for your reply! It would be nice if in the future arbitrary input triggers might be able to be assigned to arbitrary pads, similarly as how modulation options are currently implemented; alternatively it would be nice to be able to simply copy-and-paste (or move) a pad around. One of my main issues is trying to have a default standard configuration of inputs while being able to change presets without the need of re-patching the cables (inputs and outputs)... maybe I still need to find my way around this..

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    There is another request about assigning CV/gate inputs to multiple pads, but I’ll add my +1 here as well.


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      Yes just like my 'Virtual Pad inputs' request!