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CV and Midi: Modulation vs Control

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  • CV and Midi: Modulation vs Control

    Maybe not exactly wishlist, but something to talk/think about?

    Let's pick a parameter -- say sample volume. Under the pad settings if I set an external in to patch CV for modulation it makes sense to me that I've set the value with a knob, and the CV in affects it up/down/whatever depending on what I send in. CV is a MODULATOR.

    MIDI is currently set up the same way -- but should it be able to be set as a CONTROLLER? I can use it as a modulator and get the desired effect (set value to 0 and then mod amount to 100%), but there's no visual feedback on the parameter or mixer page because the value is the value, and the changes I'm making are just modulating that.

    Perhaps instead of setting up a modulation source, the standard midi CC values for volume (CC 7), etc could be exposed, so that when I am in the parameters page and select a midi source it just works?

    I'll admit that I'm new to the euro world, so maybe my midi synth/hardware mindset still needs to adjust. It just seems to me that the strength of this module is its bridge between the midi and euro/cv world so this implementation would make a lot of sense.