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  • MIDI-to-CV

    Since the Micro has a dedicated MID input it would be super nice if we could repurpose some of the outputs to act as CV/Gate/... outputs for the incoming MIDI messages. They are DC coupled after all and it shouldn't be that hard for the module to pull this off. Especially with 8 outputs, it would be ideal to have them be reconfigurable and have some MIDI-to-CV translation as part of the options.

    This would open up the module's functionality so much in smaller cases. A simple example would be a MIDI controller playing samples will also be able to control an oscillator from the same channel.

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    I retried this recently using a lot of external gear, splitting the MIDI message before it reached the Micro, then plugging that into a MIDI-to-CV module etc. It would be so much easier, so much nicer, so elegant, to be able to do this on the Micro itself.

    Granted, this isn't what the Micro is supposed to be but the possibilities are just *chef's kiss*.

    With MIDI-to-CV onboard, you can replug the CV output from the Micro back to one of the channels and record the CV! Imagine that! You would be able to loop an incoming sequence and play it back in a loop. This is only doable with audio at the moment which isn't ideal, as CV can be switch and repurposed with other samples. You would be able to control other oscillators in your system, or record "internal" modulation from MIDI controllers.

    Sky is the limit really.


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      Wow, super nice idea! I'm all for that flexibility. Leaning in to toolbox territory maybe, but super useful and could be the tipping point for many.


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        In terms of functionality I do believe most of the underlying necessities are already there: MIDI Input ✅, DC coupled CV outputs ✅, menu system to define output functionality ✅.
        All it would take is to set up the output as a CV / Velocity / CC / Gate for a particular MIDI channel. I can also live without the CC, I'm mostly interested in the other MIDI parameters, but that's just me. It doesn't even have to be polyphonic 'cause that would open a different can of worms.
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          I would love to see this too!

          I actually bought the micro thinking it might be able to do MIDI to CV based on this line from the listing on Perfect Circuit:
          Not only can the Bitbox Micro interface with other Eurorack gear, a built-in MIDI to CV converter allows you full control with external MIDI controllers.
          So... perhaps in a future firmware update?


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            Hello, and yes, would be definitely great to have that !!
            i'm currently struggling to pilot both drum samples from the Bitbox micro PLUS the wonderful mutant kickdrum from my Crater. I could track its pitch thanks to a cv that my keystep pro can send (velocity for instance via midi) but i unfortunately have no midi to cv conversion module, which I'd love my BM to handle, filter and output on a single out.

            +1 ! if we could have that one day ?


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              The more people reply here and like the original post, the more traction we're going to get. I really believe this feature should be added, it would open up the BM even more. Glad you're on board.

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            Hi! I'm trying to do the same here with my bitbox micro, the main goal here is to reduce HP usage and cable spaghetti. Curious if anyone has gotten their bitbox to double as a MIDI to CV converter.



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              No because it can't be done. This is a wishlist for 1010Music, so make sure to go Like the first post on the thread so that it gets more attention from 1010Music and it becomes part of the functionality with a future upgrade.