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    Thinking about midi to pitch CV, it may make sense to record and loop a static voltage, and then use midi pitch as a mod source to change its amplification in the same way suggested for CC to CV? Unsure about scaling, but thinking this is worth a try…


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      I appreciate the enthusiasm but if you’re wondering why 1010 hasn’t responded, here’s a Steve quote from one of my historical rants:

      To answer more specifically, the Micro is a sampler. It is not, nor will it ever be the Toolbox or a nanobox. Those are entirely different products. Please keep in mind that everything we add is another hit to the CPU. So while it may be physically possible to add lots more functionality, it can't happen at the expense of the Micro's core functionality - a sampler. I understand wanting more and more. I also understand that HP is a number that is not always flexible. So it is reasonable to want to squeeze as much functionality into every module. However, if you find that you need MIDI to CV or CV to MIDI conversion, you should consider a dedicated module that was designed and built for that purpose, for example.


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        Yes it is a sampler, and more so it is a eurorack sampler, where for ages CV has been the controller of choice.
        I use my BBM with CV/gates, and would like to be able to use multisamples as MIDI users can. Is it possible to implement at least that?


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          I just managed to multi-sample some pitch CV, and it sounds pretty accurate to my ears. I had to doctor the files in my DAW, but it works ok. A fun side effect is that the Envelope then acts on the pitch, for fun ramp up/decay action. Unfortunately, it drops back to zero (0) when the sample runs out, because can't loop a multisample...

          Still, you can have a static high voltage on one pad as GATE output and a separate multisample pad as PITCH cv, both triggered by the same MIDI channel, routed to individual outputs. Boom, MIDI-to-CV conversion. It's not native functionality, but it definitely works.

          Here are the files I'm using:


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            Separate swappable ui for the bitbox would keep with the spirit of eurorack, the promises of bbm, and change the device from a sampler to a must-have utility. I have to believe that this is impossible on the bbm, otherwise its just sad. The potential of this product is enormous. I would be happy to even purchase a same hp bbm2 with swapping at its heart, many would.


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              Univer Inter from our friends over at Noise Engineering is a feature-rich dedicated solution for MIDI to CV.