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Envelope modulation

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  • Envelope modulation

    I think people have been requesting this for a while, would be awesome to see in future updates

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    I'm surprised this hasn't been included already. Would be a game changer. 1010 team, I don't want to trade my Micro for an Erica sampler! Please help!


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      The more I use the micro the more I see this as a very viable request. I'd love to be able to assign a modulation source for the Envelope parameters, especially Attack and Decay.

      This would be crucial for variation.

      Is it complicated to do Aaron ? Sometimes what looks simple might open a can of worms we haven't considered. I'm curious, because it seems like an obvious destination for modulation but it isn't there, so there must be a reason.


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        +1 for Enveloppe time modulation via CV and via MIDI. It's so useful to make sample more "alive" especially when programming drums. Hope you can add this must have feature in a future update...
        And congrats for the BBM which is, anyway, a great module!


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          Really neeeed this function, even just taking MIDI cc would be a big help. If more of the editable params on bitbox e.g. envelopes, FX sends, mutes were addressable this item would go legendary mode