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Latency issues with micro bitbox

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  • Latency issues with micro bitbox

    Hi guys I hope you’re all well. I wanted to ask if I’m the only one getting quite a bit of latency with the module. Has anyone ever done test comparing analog voices getting triggered vs bitbox sampler ? I did the comparison with a chimera from wmd which btw is also digital and does have 1 or 2 ms delay from analog stuff but these are the results I got: (see picture) I’m getting 9ms delay which for one shots is a lot. I’ve always heard it sound a bit off but now I know why.

    im using a fast sd card. My samples are 24 bit 48.

    if anyone has been recording etc and knows how I can improve this it would be much appreciated

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    I was hoping someone would chime in on this thread. I've been trying to use the BBM as my main drums (simply triggering one-shots on 3-4 channels, so clearly not overloading the engine) together with some other percussion modules, but the latency is audible and transients get smeared all over the place. My measurement stands at 10ms, which is frankly just not acceptable. It's not just elitist knit-picking - people notice that the kick sounds off when the transient of it flams with other sounds, and the groove is ruined.

    Is there ANY way, with settings, audio quality or whatever, that this can be reduced to an acceptable level (say, 5ms or less)? If it's not possible to address this, I'll have to find another sampler, which is really sad because I love the features on this thing otherwise.


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      Same problem here, measured it and got about 8ms delay from triggers into the bitbox. The exact same trigger triggering an analog drum module is bang on time so it must be latency introduced in bitbox.

      ​​​​​​This happens when only triggering one voice too, makes everything sound out of time especially when using bitbox for one hits (which is the main reason I bought one)

      Any chance this can be fixed in a firmware update?


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        How are you triggering? What are your pad settings, and which version firmware (as number) are you using?


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          I am triggering it from the Nerdseq. I tested the timing of the nerdeseq triggers by recording them in case it was causing the issue, but the triggers are bang on time. When I trigger a sample in bitbox, the latency seems to be introduced on the output of bitbox.

          I am using one shots in "sample" mode. I am on firmware version 2.1.1, but the issue was present before I updated to this firmware. I have also tried multiple different projects but same result each time



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            Just tested it some more by sending the bitbox midi triggers, and the delay is around 1ms. So the issue seems to only happen when using analog trigger/gate inputs


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              Any update on the analog trigger latency problem? Not sure if it's a known issue or just a few units effected, but my unit seems to suffer pretty bad from it.
              The latency renders bitbox pretty useless as a one shot drum machine unless you use midi, as the delay is very noticeable with the analog triggers

              Would absolutely love if this was fixed as I mainly want to use it for my drums and want to avoid midi as much as possible



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                Please.... contact us directly. use the contact info on our website.

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              Originally posted by nktrnl View Post
              Just tested it some more by sending the bitbox midi triggers, and the delay is around 1ms. So the issue seems to only happen when using analog trigger/gate inputs
              Yes the difference between triggering with analog gates and midi seems like night and day. The BBM seems unusable using it with analog gates due to the latency issues at the moment.


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                Yeah the latency is bad on mine. You guys DEFINITELY need to fix this. I can even notice it slightly on clips and its very frustrating considering what I payed for this thing.