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Loop points in Multisamples

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  • Loop points in Multisamples

    I'm not sure why multisamples don't allow for loop points to be set for each sample in the list. Granted, it would be somewhat of a pain to set up, but in order to create a realistic instrument based on samples, I'd want to create monophonic multisamples of the same instrument, and would like to set up loop points for those times I want my sound to sustain.

    Seems simple enough to allow this option, the UX is already there.

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    Yeah I'd like love to use multisampling for more sustaining sounds eg strings. I'd expect to set the loop start and end. Some fade would also be nice to make a smooth loop


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      Thank you etckla I'm amazed I've been the only one wanting this so far.


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        I think I'm too lazy to set up something like this, but if people were importing sample packs or sharing curated multisamples, this would be a cool feature. As always, I think any improvements on the black/bitbox that make them operate more like a hardware Kontakt or eurorack akai S-series is totally great and useful.


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          A moderate multisample could contain 12 samples in total (4 pitch levels x 3 velocity levels). I personally wouldn't mind setting loop points for 12 or more samples if it made my multisample better.