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Improvements when editing filenames

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  • Improvements when editing filenames

    I would love the following options when editing filenames:
    1. A delete character button.
    2. An insert character button.
    3. A background color under the string being edited, so its possible to see if it has spaces after the name (which should be possible to delete).
    4. Use the TOOLS button as a shift button, so you can scroll fast to normal, capital and numbers. Or use it as a toggle button, so if on small letters, a click will shift to capitals (and one more to numbers, but remember the character if togling on to characters). Using a screen button instead of the TOOL button would also work, but using the TOOL button for that, would prevent an exit by mistake, if hitting the TOOL button.
    5. Copy and paste functions, so it possible to use the same string in different filenames without having to type it again and again.

    And thanks for a great device. Have had it for a few days and love it.
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    These are all good suggestions if they could be added.