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Distortion Effect (more useful than you think)

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  • Distortion Effect (more useful than you think)

    I've been using both the Micro and Blackbox extensively lately and since both allow, if not welcome, MIDI control, I think it would be extremely practical and musical to add one more effect to the two already listed. Granted, looking at the 1010 offering one wouldn't assume that expanding on the Delay, Reverb list of effects won't happen anytime soon. BUT please hear me out!

    Velocity control over a sample is very important for realism, variation, etc. But instead of pushing the Micro (or other boxes) to their limits with multisamples, you could instead apply a little saturator/overdrive along with the currently available filtering and level change to get similar, very expressive, results with a single sample instead!

    So you'd be saving on sample space by using saturation to make things jump out when played "harder".

    We don't need any super complex distortion or anything, just something to add a little bit of bite when a sample is supposed to sound at a higher velocity. Hence saturator or overdrive would suffice.

    This would work nicely both for MIDI and CV control if it's modulatable.

    So please consider this idea, and make sure to hit that like button so that 1010 takes notice
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