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  • New Loop Mode: Release

    How to replicate:

    Use a sample with a transient with a tail. Set sample to Loop: Forward. Set up a Start and End Loop position around the middle of the sample, and set it up so that Trigger mode : Gate. Set your Release time to > 0%.

    Expected result:

    When incoming Gate goes low the sample playhead should continue out of the indicated loop and play through to the tail of the sample (re: after the Loop End) as much as the setting of the Release time will allow it to.

    Actual result:

    The playhead stays inside the loop and slowly fades out (based on the Release setting)


    Add a new option for a Loop Mode: Release, which will allow the playhead to "escape" the loop when Gate goes low if the Release time is enough for it to have reached the Loop End.

    In instrument samples, and most transient samples with a tail, the way the tail ends contains far better information than a simple fade out. Loop points can then be used to "sustain" a transient sound or a smaller sample, while taking advantage of the sample's tail that is already there instead of fading-out inside the loop. It would be easy to set a nice release for the sample, and use loop points as sustain points. It should also be easy to implement: IF gate goes low play sample according to Release, but don't stop at Loop End.

    Caveat: None. When a loop is set to reverse, this mode will act the same way. This suggestion does not create conflicts I can think of.


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    Steve Would you care to say if this is something feasible or out of the question? I'm curious what you guys think.


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      Almost anything is feasible, really. I like the request and will advocate as I see it as being useful. But there are no guarantees on timeline or if it happens in the first place.


      • Paranormal Patroler
        Paranormal Patroler commented
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        None requested, just wanted to see if it's doable or if there is some back-end reason why this can't be done. Worth asking as you never know, ideas are easy, implementation is not.

      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        Very true. But I don't see a barrier - in software, anyway!