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Add option to decouple pads from MAS L/R

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  • Add option to decouple pads from MAS L/R

    It would be nice to be able to decouple a pad from the master bus (MAS L/R), so that you can process it externaly using other outputs without having it passed through the MAS L/R.
    Other pads should still be able to use the MAS L/R. so its not about disabling it, but just decoupling chosen pads from it.

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    Am I right to assume your reasoning is that you want to continue using effects which are only available on the Master pair? Otherwise you can assign all the rest to a different output and skip Master completely.


    • HenrikJX3D
      HenrikJX3D commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, internal effects for some pads, and other pads processed and mixed externaly (and therefor needed to be decoupled from the MAS L/R)

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    I don't use the effects at all, I started skipping the master outs completely because I was self patching cv samples to multi-sampled instruments. What I lost access to instead of effects was the convenience of the master out volume. Not a big deal since the mixer is so convenient but I like the idea of omitting anything assigned to a non master out from the master out. I'm confusing myself now because I'm unsure how this would affect the resampling feature since i think it only resamples whats routed to 1/2?


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      Not sure if it warrants a "me too", but like a newb AOL user surfin usenet in the 90s: me too.


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        I know this specific issue was addressed, but on a related note - is it possible to deactivate/reassign a gate input to a different pad? Example: If I want to trigger pad 2 with CV, but am using input 2 for CV modulation, is it possible to assign a different input to pad 2?


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          Did anyone figure this out?