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Midi Clock output please!

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  • Midi Clock output please!

    I actually bought this thinking that the midi out sent the midi clock, but it doesn't. It would be huge to be able to pass on clock either from midi output or assignable out. I'm using Octatrack as the brain going midi into bitbox micro. Annoying that i have to split the midi into another midi/cv clock module just to get clock into the rest of my modular.

    would also be nice if you could set it so that the clock stops when midi input stop. maybe this is a receive transport msg.

    much more minor, but would be cool if you could set the step/bar length so the beat count resets to match external sequencer... never makes sense to see bar counts in the hundreds. So I just ignore it as its useless info.

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    Thee micro does not have a transport and does not generate MIDI clock.