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    I was just messing with some samples in the BitBox trying to get them into sync with the rest of the music (the BB is clocked via Temp Utile). I had to slow down the drum loop very slightly to get it to fit perfectly with a simple 8 note figure, which if I'd been doing it live would have been comical. Whilst doing this I thought to myself how useful it would be to have a tap tempo solution linked to a sample. I imagine that since the screen is touch sensitive, it could be possible to have a Tap Tempo (somewhere on the screen).

    Imagine, instead of fiddling with the tempo setting in the samples menu, a simple tap tempo option would automatically set the tempo (in this case it's the pitch setting) to the correct offset - if you see what I mean?

    What do you think (anyone)?

    p.s. Maybe someone has already made this suggestion (I couldn't find it), or has a work-around?
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    Actually, I think maybe the work around is to adjust the sample length whilst it's playing. However, I still wonder if the tap tempo idea could be quicker and easier live.


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      Are you using Clip Mode for the loops?


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        That depends, I use all modes, but in this case I'm talking about samples and clips.