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  • Import midi file from DAW


    I've just got a toolbox and this is my first module of 1010 music. Trying to import midi file which comes from DAW. For instance, the midi file has 4 quarter notes sounds like a C-D-E-F on the DAW. After importing the file into toolbox's note sequencer via SD card, it shows and plays 8 of 8th note, C-C-D-D-E-E-F-F. I can't figure out this is a bug or my misunderstanding.

    Please let me know how to fix that.

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    I have a similar issue, that I'm trying to solve, since I got the module:
    instead of using a midi keyboard, or importing midi, I play the sequence directly in the daw ( I tried both logic and ableton live and I have same results), and I record directly into the noteseq of the toolbox. when I press rec, it records the sequence with the same notes, but the length of the gates is twice the ones I wrote in the daw, and the pitch transposition of the sequence is 2 octaves above! Can't find any solution yet!


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      OM...I sent an email to 1010 about this issue. We will see...

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    Toolbox 1.1.5 fixes the MIDI import issue. Please give it a try and let us know how it works.

    Download Toolbox 1.1.5

    Thank you


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      Originally posted by prvntk
      thank you so much for the new update! Unfortunately, my 2 issues are still in there:

      - plus 2 octaves transposition.
      example: in the daw C3, on toolbox C5

      - some midi files can't be read:
      I can't understand why some midi files coming from different midi libraries can't be read...I thought it was because of the size of the files but actually this isn't the problem. I was checking in the daw, comparing those ones with midi files that the toolbox can read, and they look very similar, they are also less than 64 steps. I can't figure out the problem!
      Prvntk, could you please use the Contact Us page on our website to reach out to us directly and send us a sample of a file that doesn’t work? That would help us identify the problem. Thanks! Christine


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        I have also some issue when i try to import a 64 step long midi file from cubase.
        the name of the midi track is shown right,
        but when i load in I'll be left with a blank piano roll window... tired this several times with different midi tracks, unfortunately all the same... no notes are contained in my piano roll. I even tried just one 16 note length...nothing.
        is there a special way of configuration to the midi track to be recognized... couldn't find any leading advices in the manual...