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    One thing I was looking for when working today with Toolbox was an overwrite function when recording.
    I know that you can overwrite notes when the bar loops, however I believe there needs to be a few modes that address how this is done.
    At the moment if you record say a progression it records a polyphonic track. When looping back over if the secondary or additional notes are there but not wanted you cannot overwrite with a real-time record. I think an overwrite mode that clears and rewrites regardless of polyphony (single note wipes all notes) would be a good addition. If I want to just do some mono bass lines and decide I don't want a note there is no way to just keep playing and recording the new idea without jumping and erasing the note or re-recording after clearing.

    Other modes would also be a good addition. Maybe one-shot record that stops at the end, the over-write, the current key overwrite, or even step in relation to cursor and not just sequential.


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    Thanks for the input. We will take it into consideration.


    • sephult
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      Thanks Christine! Still regardless of input I am enjoying very much. Love seeing this evolve.

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    hi all. id agree with sephult too.

    new member and toolbox user. reading this id agree with a possibly a selection of "mono/poly" mode for the recording and even within the 'mono" mode, a "note priority" assignment (last -highest -lowest)

    loving it so far !!and thanks!