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  • Master clock sync

    I'm trying to use the Toolbox with Pamela's New Workout. I would like to hit 'Play' on the Toolbox and have it run Pam. Then when I hit 'Play' again, to stop, it should stop Pam.

    Things I've tried:

    1. Pamela's New Workout as master clock. Sent a gate signal to CV MOD IN 4. When I start Pam's it starts the Toolbox. The problem is I cant control tempo changes. Pressing stop on pam doesnt send another gate signal so the Toolbox keeps running.

    2. Sent pos square wave LFO from Toolbox to Pam's 'Run' input. This will run Pam but its always on. Again, no way to control tempo changes and stop both modules at the same time.

    Does anyone have an idea of how to use these two modules together and have them be in sync? There is an expander module to Pam's that will provide a 3.5mm MIDI clock output. Would this work?

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    I am not familiar with the PNW but I sometimes just use one of the Gate sequencers as a clock source for other modules. Therefore the clock is only generated when you are in PLAY mode.
    Maybe this would work for your setup too.


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      Here's what ended up working.

      Toolbox: Gate Output 4, step length 1/8, step count 16

      Pamela's New Workout: PPQN set to 4. Clock Input changed form 'RUN: Y' to RS (Reset)

      Connect gate output 4 to Pam's clock input. Now pressing play will not only run but STOP Pam! Tempo changes from Toolbox will also change the tempo on Pam's.
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        I changed the post above to NOT solved because after spending some time with it I noticed that the steps were off. Doing the steps above when I pressed 'Play' on the toolbox it would trigger Pamela's New Workout to start. However, there was then a small pause and then it would run. This caused the sequence to be off by 1/16th of a beat. I need to spend some time to see if changing the gate lengths or gate step values would fix this.


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          I use the same workflow. Pnw as a master clock buuuut i have the px2 expansion and works like a charm!!!!!!


          • bbartokk
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            I've been debating on whether the px2 expansion was needed. Can you tell me how you have it connected? Any special cable required?

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          I've been trying to sync MIDI clock (Elektron Model:Samples to Toolbox MIDI input) Nothing works.
          Even when I go to an individual cell and change the CLK Source to EXT1.

          Is there a global MIDI master/slave setting?

          Toolbox as the master clock works fine.


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            I also use PAM as the master clock with a Px2, then MIDI from Px2 to Toolbox, which works great.


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              I am syncing my toolbox and pam a bit unorthodox:
              One gate sequence sends a clock signal from toolbox to pam to synchronize both devices tempo -> changing the tempo on toolbox changes the tempo of pam. I experienced that this way both devices stay in sync most reliable. One thing i dont like is that i cant use the swing on toolbox because it would fuck up the clock for pam since im using a gate sequence.

              For start and stop synchronisation i go the other direction. I mix a start and end trigger signal (unfortunately i have to use two channels of pam for this) and send them to toolboxes ext 4 input which is configured with "Trig Play: ON". I would like to have an "GATE" option in the configuration of ext 4 meaning play toolbox as long the gate is high otherwise stop it. This way i only would have to use one channel on pam for sending start and stop information. It would also be cool to have an option to pause toolbox with this gate instead stopping (resetting) it always.


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                I also faced the problem, and when I sent a signal from Pamera's midi out, the start and stop could be synchronized. However, when the tempo changes, it seems out of sync. Are there any settings?


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                  I also have this problem, if someone has a solution, please tell me
                  Regards, mobdro
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                    Where are MIDI sync settings???


                    • Steve
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                      Which settings are you looking for?

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                    I would like to use my octatrack as the main midi clock/transport controls/notes source. Does the Toolbox still not respect that?