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How fast is a load of a preset - is it live fast?

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  • How fast is a load of a preset - is it live fast?

    How fast is it to switch between toolbox presets. I am trying to get to a point where I can preform a long live performance that evolves and changes. I am wondering if toolbox can be used to switch between presets live seamlessly? I guess it would also need some smarts to know when to transition to the next preset while playing ... like at the end of the longest sequence or something.

    If it is seamless enough to switch presets live, is there a way to select a preset remotely through a use of a CV? I am imagining I could sequence movement through the presets using an very slow LFO or a very slow external sequencer. The other option would be to have a "clock" CV that increments the load of the next preset. It would even be cool if that "clock" CV that increments took a setting from the current preset that specified the next preset to load.

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    The presets do switch fairly smoothly, but you have to do it manually. Make sure the quantize settings match how far ahead of the bar you're switching over, otherwise things will go out of sync!


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      The ability to chain presets and have a song mode would be utterly amazing!


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        I have tried this in person at Superbooth and it switched patterns seemlessly, so it works in a live scenario for transitioning to another part.


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          You can totally use it live. I just used the Toolbox for my entire set on Friday night.