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    Has anyone had any luck modulating the sequence layers via CV yet? It's not working for me.


    • Aaron
      Aaron commented
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      Please know that the layer is controlled by CV level--not a trigger to advance layers. Make sure the amount is set at least at 25% or nothing will happen. Also, make sure the incoming signal holds a level corresponding to the layer to play.

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    Please don’t ignore our request.


    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      We can hear you. Please be patient.

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    I have an Issue with the "Notes " triggering my EG's with nothing else connected to the module , no gates or anything connected , just "Notes" Im trying to upload a video to show you .I haven't explained this clear enough , it seems as thou the note pad is triggering the Gate pad to the left of the Note tab other wise the EG would not trigger
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    • Steve
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      I will look at this. thanks

    • Filterfreak
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      Cheers Steve , it's strange , even without any cable plugged in to the note pad the gate pad still triggers the EG when muted

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    Since you asked for it, I wanted to take the time testing out the various features within the recent update, and here is my feedback:

    # Envelope
    * An option to morph between logarithmic/linear and exponential curves would be great.
    * It would be cool to have all 8 gate inputs available (not only the first 4).

    # Event Mode
    * It is not very intuitive that the "PLAY" probability is going from "ALWAYS" directly to 0%. Since "ALWAYS" is like 100% it should go from "Always" to 99%, 98%, 97% ... until reaching 0%.
    * Visual indicators always showing the probability value of each step would be very helpful to keep track of them (maybe via color/chroma/saturation, a small value bar, a symbol?).
    * It would be great if each step would remember its probability value after being deactivated. Currently, it always resets to "ALWAYS" when being re-activated (this would be really useful in live situations).
    * It would be cool if the most recent placed step could always be "auto-selected" since the knob navigation is cumbersome and not very friendly for live usage.
    * For grid cells it would be cool to change the pulse width of each step via the event menu as well. This could be set as a percentage of the "STEP LEN" attribute via one of the unused knobs.
    * It would be interesting if the set "VEL" value would apply to the cv-outputs as well besides midi.

    # Off grid mode
    * With "STEP MODE" set to "OFF" the note placement via touchscreen does not work properly. The more one is away from the very first step the more a note will be placed further away to the right from the actual step being touched (seems to be by a factor of 4 but not quite sure).

    # General
    * It would be cool to have an encoder acceleration for all continuous values in the toolbox. For example, allowing to change the probabilities from 0% to 100% with just one fast knob turn instead of multiple successive ones would make the usage of the toolbox much more pleasant. Then a user could set the global encoder acceleration factor in the main setting to personal taste.

    As you maybe recognized many of my comments are about the usability of the new features. I use the toolbox as a sequencer for live shows, especially for programming step sequences on the fly and repeatedly changing them in an improvised fashion. I love using the toolbox therefor but this is very dependant on its immediacy. That said I urge you to please address the "white-boxes-disable-navigation" problem. Even the possibility to just exclude some cells from song mode via a menu entry would be great.

    I want to thank you for not abandoning the toolbox and hope to see more love for it in the future
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      Thank you all for testing the toolbox 2.1 beta. We appreciate your feedback. The result is version 2.1.2. It is now available and addresses the most discussed issue above: the white boxes. Here is the relevant detail:
      • White boxes - based on your input, we have changed how touching a NOTE or GATE cell works. Touching a cell controls selection (making it the active pink square) and playback (the white rectangle). Now, when you touch a cell the first time selects it (pink background). If you touch that same cell again, it will activate/deactivate playback (white rectangle). We believe this is a reasonable compromise that allows you access to both features with a minimum of hassle. If you prefer the 2.0 behavior, you can disable TouchPlay in the global Settings.
      The download and the other bug fixes are described here:

      We always appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and comments. Please know that we consider version 2.1 to be complete and will be focusing our effects elsewhere. As always, if someone uncovers a serious bug, we appreciate hearing about it and will address it as appropriate.

      Thank you for your support.


      • Filterfreak
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        Thanks Aaron , brilliant stuff , will load in a second ,cheers

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      Ok , pad behavior tested and working fine and the activate/deactivate is a blessing , no more accidentally turning a pad off . So im well happy , thanks ,all seems to be working well , it's a great little box now .
      Thanks Aaron and who ever else was involved


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        Thank you for the fix to the White boxes.

        But this is far from perfect. It's still difficult to use. I really don't need a White boxes.

        Next, please restore the lag that occurs when switching sequence patterns, and preferably the + -button (which many users also want).

        Due to the white box and these alterations, the toolbox has become significantly less attractive as a live performance sequencer.

        No need to add new features anymore. I hope I can do what I was able to do before.