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Toolbox does not sync correctly to external Master clock

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  • Toolbox does not sync correctly to external Master clock

    I have posted this issue in the Beta 1.1.3 Discussion and I think it needs a better visibility so that this issue may be resolved. Using external sync clock from Keystep, BSP or any-other external module does not sync correctly with Toolbox as a slave module when running at faster note speeds. I have verified that record mode works correctly with Toolbox in Master mode
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    Thanks for the video. Could you please explain what should happen in this example? I can see what does happen, I am not sure what you are expecting.

    What happens when you set the Clk Source to Int (Internal)? I don't recommend live recording when using something other than internal as the sequence source.


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      Toolbox should be picking up each individual note, but they seem to be overlapping or being missed somehow.

      Try shortening the length of the gates coming from the BSP, and also turn the Duty Cycle down to something much less than 50%.


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        Your absolutely right. Toolbox should pick up the individual notes. What are the notes in this specific example? 64th notes alternating back and forth? Two lines of 32nd notes at the same time? Without this information it is hard to know what is really happening and then fix it.

        I may not have time to run any tests in the next few days. I thank you for any information you can share in the meantime.

        To avoid any misunderstanding, let me clarify my recommendation:

        Toolbox is designed for realtime recording from the internal clock, an external clock using the global clock input, and external MIDI clock. When doing realtime recording, please set the cell level "Clk Source" parameter to Internal (which supports sync to external using the main clock input or MIDI sync).

        I look forward to hearing more.