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Struggling with the toolbox

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  • Struggling with the toolbox

    I hate to admit it because i really like the device, but Im having a tough time getting the toolbox to do what I need. Ive had it for almost half a year now, and I check the forums more often to than I'd like to in hopes of firmware updates for features

    I feel like all I can do is make 4/4 patterns that just loops incessantly. I figure If I record them onto my bitbox, then I don't even have to have the sequencer.

    What do I do..
    Can anyone help me out?
    Does anyone care to share how they use it?

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    JfefTrigsg, I am sorry to hear this. I don't have any easy answers for you. If there is something specific you would like to see please let us know. Our greatest source of new ideas comes from your requests. Perhaps check out the existing lists of requests and weigh in on what you feel is important.

    I also look forward to what other people have to say. Thanks for writing.


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      Hi Aaron, thanks for replying. Dan has sent me a list of ideas for doing things with that are pretty helpful, and which I greatly appreciate. As I told him, I have trouble actually with most sequencers in general, but one of the differences between this sequencer and others, is that you are open taking suggestions for it. Which allows me to rant, and I thank you for that! I have made a number of posts about suggestions in the past, and I apologize if I come across impatient over this.

      What my intentions are for using this sequencer, is to go along side my own drumming. So it would be nice to be able to change patterns in as many different ways as possible, via midi controller, or CV touch controller like the tetrapad or pressure points. As of right now the toolbox is very difficult to write songs with, because the options for modulation and control are so limited, not that these things exist plentifully in eurorack in a non expensive way..

      My idea's are as follows. I have posted these ideas a couple times but they essentially boil down to this.
      1. song mode
      2. modulation of every single parameter
      3. assignable midi CC
      4. note editing functions: inversion, retrograde, shift Right left, randomize/alter pattern, etc..
      5. parameters for changing notes. (articulation)
      6. pattern directions
      7. changing clock rotation (a serious must)
      8. midi in options for control
      and all features, new and old, have some sort of possibility for modulation..

      I am not planning on giving up on the toolbox. it is what ive been looking for in a sequencer, just in too young a firmware.

      my question is, are any of these idea's under consideration as of right now? and If so, is there a time frame you could give. I understand if you cant answer something like this, but it would help me make decisions for gigging this year.

      Thank you for responding and hearing me out.


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        Aaron is in North Carolina for Moogfest right now, so his time is very constrained. I can tell you that he won’t commit to features or timeframes until the code is written and ready for public beta testing. That is just his policy.

        Thanks for the feedback and for your patience. We are a small team here. This is a small market and we are doing the best we can to meet the needs of our customers.

        My best advice is to drum up support for important feature requests here on the forum. Be clear about your priorities because we can never do everything people ask for.

        Thanks for your support,


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          Im not very good at rallying support, but atleast ill give you my priorities. If I had to choose... 1, 2, and 7 are probably the most important, but i still hold the other things as highly important *missing* features.

          The toolbox feels right now like Floyd Mayweather playing video games at a professional level instead of boxing.

          I know its going to take time to see anything resembling this stuff. Ill be waiting patiently, but in the mean time its going to have to sit aside as a lfo generator or a voltage block rather than a director of the show.