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SEQ Step Count can be set to 32 steps but only 16 steps can be edited

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  • SEQ Step Count can be set to 32 steps but only 16 steps can be edited

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. From the main screen, click on SEQ.
    2. Note that the interface on screen shows 16 steps
    3. Click the INFO button.
    4. Set the "Step Count" to 32.
    5. Press the INFO button again.

    Actual Result:
    16 steps are still shown - there is no way to edit steps 17-32, yet they still step through (with no effect). It is not possible to pinch/zoom or scroll with the left cursor knobs to get to those steps and edit them...

    Expected Result:
    It should be possible to edit steps 17-32 or it should not be possible to set the Step Count beyond 16.

  • #2
    There seems to be a lot of interest in using the SEQ as a drawable LFO, so it would be good to fix this soon! Adding Slew is a great idea too, perhaps one of the buttons up the top could be used to toggle this on/off


    • nohumans
      nohumans commented
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      That is a really cool idea! I was ironically thinking that maybe those unused buttons could be used to show 1-16 or 17-32 if it became too hard to see all the steps but I like your idea better

    • Dan
      Dan commented
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      I think it would be better to have it all in one window for ease of use, but maybe implementing the zoom function would be a good solution?
      Perhaps then it could even be extended up to 64 steps, etc? That would be sweet!